Easy Bookings

Schedule and make bookings with greater ease and convenience.

  • Two-way customer and business calendar visibility.
    • Customers can view business availability at anytime.
    • Businesses scheduling a booking request or rescheduling a booking can see customer availability automatically.
  • Increased accessibility due to web-based access and multi-device support.
Better Organisation

Keep on top of all staff activities through the shared business calendar.

  • Authorised staff can view and manage staff bookings and events.
  • Filter which calendars you want to view by staff member or service.
  • Staff can link their Google and Microsoft calendars to provide up-to-date and accurate availability information.
  • Staff can sync work events to their Google and Microsoft calendars.
Market your business

Create a Shop Front page to market your business.

  • Add custom images to market your business.
  • Advertise your business' services.
  • Display your location using Google maps.
  • Include your contact information.
Manage your Priority Events

View your immediate priorities using the 'Current Day' page.

  • View and edit your bookings and events.
  • Review Booking Requests which need approval (This may not be applicable to all businesses).
  • Review Bookings which require confirmation (This may not be applicable to all businesses).
Schedule Events

Schedule Normal Calendar Events or a Planned Group Event.

  • Create and Update normal adhoc Calendar Events.
  • Add a Staff attendee to a normal Calendar Event and the event gets automatically added to their calendar.
  • Add a Reserva Now attendee (who doesn't belong to the business) and the event will also be automatically added to their calendar.
  • Create and Update Planned Group Events.
  • Define whether you want to permit guests for Planned Group Events.
Manage all your bookings and staff

You can manage bookings for offline and online customers as well as your staff.

  • Create and edit bookings for your offline customers in addition to your online customers.
  • Create and manage accounts for offline customers.
  • Create Feedback forms and display them to customers after bookings.
  • Manage timetables and leave for staff.
Bookings with Other Businesses

Create bookings for staff with other businesses.

  • Create a booking with another member business and view the booking in the business calendar automatically.
  • View a staff member's availability at the time of creating bookings for them.
  • Easily change the attendee staff member if the selected attendee cannot attend.